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From our huge range of chemical lights, flashing and blink articles, magic sticks , blink hearts and sticks we will find the right product for each event and performance.

Here you can have a look to our actual online catalogue:

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You can find a wide range of chemical lights, flashing and blink articles, magic sticks , blink hearts and sticks on our sides. Whether concert articles, event articles, flashing articles for sport or circus articles. You can also find seasons products like christmas hats, halloween articles and special offer articles e.g. for the football world championship in the several product category. Comb through our product variety and let yourself convince of our range of flashing and blink articles and chemical lights. Due to our long experience on the area of flashing lights we have a flawless reputation which reflects on the  quality  of our blink articles and chemical lights. Should you have questions on our products or need a  professional advice which of the flashing aricles fits for your company or event our team will support you.

Of course you have also the opportunity to personalize our articles in shape, colour and design. For this our team from OrangeIdeas will advice you. You can find an overview of the variety of our flashing articles, chemical lights and blink hearts on our internetpage:



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